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We are very proud to showcase our imperians’ moments when they put their utmost efforts and tried their best to nail at doing their presentations at our research conferences held at MIU.

Acknowledging the role of Research in excelling at every aspect of academic and professional fields, our imperians are prepared during their studies with us at the University to be capable of making decisions based on data and findings from doing research. Starting from day one at Myanmar Imperial University, our delivery of academic excellence and experience aims to be second to none.

“Supporting our youths with their brightest dreams to come true has always been our passionate ambition.”

We are greatly looking forward to welcoming our imperians back at the campus in continuing to provide our students with the learning atmosphere filled with passion, excitement and activities. Our imperians always do and try their best in all aspects of their academic studies and journeys.

#Throwback to our imperians’ moments at Research Conferences of MIU

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We wish everyone to be safe, well, peaceful and successful.


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