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Myanmar Imperial University will hold the annual “Let Myanmar Be Renowned Leadership Forum” on 29th November, 2019 this year at Lotte Hotel. Every year, our University led and whole-heartedly participated in hosting a vast number of campaigns and numerous social-welfare, CSR and knowledge sharing activities that hugely aim to create positive impacts and social contributions on both the country and the society.

Among all the activities, one of the most notable undertakings that our University had carried out, “Let Myanmar Be Renowned Leadership Forum” which we had organized since year 2016. The forum had regularly shared invaluable insights regarding Leadership, Growth Mindset, Valuable Insights and Experiences by well-expertised professional and practitioners for an estimation of 2,000 youths annually and had provided great beneficiaries, delivering surplus knowledge and enhancing their potential and capabilities.

We cordially and warmly welcome you to join us at the event and please do contact or enquire us for further information upon our annual “Let Myanmar Be Renowned Leadership Forum 2019” at info@mic-education.com and +951 380 233-234 / +959 732 10001.

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