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Myanmar Imperial University’s measures against COVID-19

With the aim to consistently safeguard the welfare and safety of all stakeholders of MIU, Myanmar Imperial University takes precautionary measure against the recent outbreak of the global pandemic, COVID-19.

In accordance to the health advice, decision and guidance of World Health Organization (WHO) and the announcement from Myanmar Ministry of Education on 16th March, 2020, Myanmar Imperial University has temporary postponed all the ongoing classes as effective from 17th March, 2020 and further information and recommencing date of the University will be updated accordingly through our digital media channels of MIU.

Throughout the period of the outbreak of COVID-19, Myanmar Imperial University persistently provided diverse measures to prevent from the outbreak of COVID-2019 through:

  • Close monitoring
  • Carrying out regular temperature checks
  • Spraying of disinfectant
  • Allocation of surgical masks and hand sanitizers

With the intention to avoid students from being academically affected from the temporary postponement of all the ongoing classes, our University is presently providing e-Learning System to our students through consistent delivery of video lectures, video conferencing PowerPoint slides and reading materials at our University’s portal website and closed Facebook groups.

Additionally, with the aim to safeguard upon all the family members of MIU, our University is presently carrying out all the respective ventures through Work from Home scheme in-line with close monitoring and guidance from our Management Board.

Myanmar Imperial University would like to cordially advice everyone not to be distressed by the outbreak and to strictly take respective health measures as advised by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and to stay safely at your respective residence during this tough time of crisis. Also, should you be inspected with any symptoms of the virus, please do report or take necessary precautionary measures at an immediate action.

We wish everyone to be well and safe from this global pandemic of COVID-19.


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